2015 m. liepos 7 d., antradienis

Son de For Dress Giveaway


It’s an honor and a great delight after almost two weeks of waiting to finally announce the winners of the first Son de Flor give-away. Warmest greetings and big hugs goes to Natalia Barsova, to whom any Son de Flor dress of her choice will be sent!
Dear Natalia, please contact Son de Flor by sending an email to info@sondeflor.com.
Moreover, other three lucky participants will receive a collection of Son de Flor/Allthebeautifulthings postcards. Dear Aleksandra Gonciaruk, Gytis Andziulis & Emma Bradstock, Son de Flor team is kindly waiting for your emails to info@sondeflor.com as well!
On behalf of Son de Flor, thank you so much for your participation and support!Untitled

4 komentarai:

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie rašė...

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Natalia Barsova rašė...

I'm so amazed!! Sending you an email!

Fiordelisa rašė...

Congratulations, Natalia, and the other winners! :-) May you always wear your dress in good health and joy.

Thank you, Loreta, Elze, and Son de Flor for the fun, fun drawing.

Tilda Frank rašė...

Поздравления победительницам и спасибо, Лорета, за розыгрыш!