2018 m. spalio 23 d., antradienis

allthebeautifuthings shop

The journey of allthebeautifulthings began 12 years ago when I started writing my blog. Elze, my daughter, came up with the name which was perfect - reflecting everything I’m so in love with; From old books, vintage family memorabilia, embroidered pillows and my lovely cats comfortably tucked into a blanket. All modest yet important details that create memories and makes us happy. I enjoy finding beauty in simplicity. In places where we are, wherever it’s at home, in the countryside, at sunset or dawn, watching the seasons change or snowflakes fall outside a window. Two and a half years ago, these snapshots moved to Instagram and we were so excited to see the first followers on our page. First 100, 1000, 5000… And now, on the occasion of 100K followers, we believe there is no better time to introduce our new project - our shop allthebeautifullinen , where you can find some of the precious items for you and your home, to keep and treasure forever. All of the items are made from natural Lithuanian linen and hand embroidered by me (Loreta), with delicate care and love. Family is the most important thing to us and we decided to work together as one - me Loreta, my beautiful daughters Elzė and Unė, as well as my wonderful granddaughter North. We proudly invite you to follow our feed for news and giveaways which we will be announcing very soon! Thank you everyone! Truly yours, Loreta, Elze, Une and North ♥


Our etsy shop allthebeautifullininen

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mamasmercantile rašė...

Congratulations on opening your shop will pop over and take a look now.

pelinpembesi rašė...

come back your blog!
Congratulations on opening your shop :)

J.J rašė...

Ого! 12 лет! Поздравляю!!!
Желаю еще таких же интересных, красочных и безмерно творческих новых 12 лет :)

я очень рада,что у меня есть ваши открытки - дорожу сильно-сильно таким сокровищем!

Dovilė rašė...


Babaannemintakvimciği rašė...

Hello I am a new blogger from a TURKEY... I’ll be so happy if you visit my blog and follow me...I am sending you all my best wishes..

HWIT BLOGG rašė...

Congratulations to the shop! Must be the most beautiful shop in the world :)
Warm hug from Titti

steve rašė...

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Emmanuel Sant rašė...

Very interested in your pictures

Anonimiškas rašė...

The linens are very precious and truly reflect your style. Thank you...I am so glad that you have kept this blog open even though pursuing other internet outlets with overwhelming success.