2011 m. birželio 20 d., pirmadienis

Peony ♥

Peony ♥

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Shabby soul rašė...

I could watch these flowers for hours: absolutely my favoutite!
Thank you
Have a good day

Madelief rašė...

Beautiful flowers!

Happy new week,


Ira Tishakova rašė...

Best flowers in the world for me! Love it!

Made By Vanessa rašė...

Everything you create is AMAZING!!!! I read each post and as a creative person can say that every photo you create is full of deeep wonderful feelings!!! Thank you for makin this world happier and brighter!!!

LM photografic rašė...

peony is my fav flower!
unfortunately here i cannot find it anymore :(

great photo as always!

Diana (Apple pie, love for details) rašė...

I love this flower..like I love the white rose!